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Burlesque Opulence
Designer Designer: Larry Ford

Creative Team: David Wiltshire, Rocky Byron, Alison Cummins, Terence Cummins, Maria Joubert-Cummins, Marva Aliendre, Jackie Moore & Tania Moore.
Sections Adult female sections:

Feather Fantasy

Children's section:

All That Glitters (11-15 Girls)
Dou Dou (8-11 Girls)
Beau Jangles (8-11 Boys)
Price £70.00 adults
£25.00 children
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Past Themes
2012 - Burlesque Opulence
2010 - Chutney Bollywood
2008 - Come Celebrate with Us
2015 - De Fire In We
2009 - Fire Fire
2014 - Mas Pandemic The Spread of Carnival
2013 - When Galaxies Collide

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