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Rosalind Gabriel
BAND TYPE Adult / Children
COUNTRY Trinidad & Tobago
BAND LEADER Rosalind Gabriel
With over 33 years of experience, innovation and expertise in producing Children’s Carnival Costumes and Bands, Rosalind Gabriel has proven her talents as a significant and prolific female Band Leader and has indelibly woven her name and style into the fabric and history of Children’s carnival.

During the period 1977 to 1988, her efforts were principally in the production of individual character costumes for her own son and daughter, both of whom won King and Queen Titles of practically all privately run and State sponsored National Competitions. In this early period she worked with almost every prolific designer and wire bender. To name a few would be Peter Minshall, Steven Lee Heung, and Stephen Sheppard & Stacy Wells partnership, Wayne Berkeley, Cito Velasquez, Joanna Humphrey and John Humphrey. It was during this time that Rosalind Gabriel started her band beginning with about eight kids in order to meet a new CDC rule to qualify her King and Queen for the Saturday Children’s Parade of Bands. In 1997 Rosalind began working with designer Roger Myers and in 2001 to 2005 with Chris Santos & Gregory Medina. In 2006 & 2007, Rosalind designed her own productions with the help of illustrators.

Mrs. Gabriel entered into the presentation of Large Bands in 1994, after a successful four-year spell in small and medium bands, starting in 1989.
DESCRIPTION For the benefit of all our friends and visitors, this translates from Patois to "Showoff Trinbago Showoff"

And showoff His skills is just what our Creator did, when he so richly blessed our islands and gave us a place in these amazingly, achingly beautiful twin isles.

Our adult band this, and every year, will proclaim our praises to these beautiful islands where we live, and we can proudly say that 'God is a Trini' \ time and time again as he blesses us beyond our measure.

Why were the steel pan, calypso, limbo and soca not created elsewhere?

Revel in our lush rain forests which shelter exotic and unique birds, insects and all manner of living things.

Our rainbow people embodied a united nation long before the United Nations was formed, our National Anthem confirming, "where every creed and race find an equal place".

Our warrior spirits found expression in Camboulay, and our souls found tranquility at Buccoo Reef and the Nylon Pool.

We bless the arrival of those hardy and hardworking men and women from India, the delicate grace of their dance and melding of song into Soca Chutney and the robust spirits of the men and women from Africa, who with lion hearts endured and over came their uprooting from their mother country.

Who else but a far seeing creator, with the greatest sense of humour, could provide these verdant islands with a black lake to transform a rough and stony way into one of liquid gold.

Come Xante Trinbago Xante, as we celebrate and reclaim a happy and holy festival, for God is a Trini!
TIME Monday to Friday:
2pm - 7pm

3pm - 7pm

1:30pm - 6pm
2012 - Xante Trinbago Xante
2011 - The Story Teller
2010 - Love Your Country
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