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Island People Mas
The Whole - Magic, Mystery and Marvel
2014 THEME

Sonia Mack and others

Awakening - desire to be enlightened
Dovev - whispering truth
Nahimana - that which is mystic
Manifest - what you believe shall be
Vadimas - knowing of all magic
Zulimar - the magic of the blue ocean
Absolute - aspiring to perfection of self, becoming absolute in totality
Auric - the illumination of one’s aura
Life - a capacity for growth
Qu'elle Marveille
Theia Gennisi - divine birth, rich in newness

Past Themes
2014 - The Whole - Magic, Mystery and Marvel
2012 - Heroes
2011 - Shades Of The Universe
2010 - Kutchela
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Island People Mas
50 O'Connor Street
Port of Spain
West Indies

Directions. The camp is at the corner of O'Connor Street and Warren Street

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