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Chocolate City
Brazilian Jouvert 2014 THEME
COUNTRYTrinidad & Tobago
The concept of Chocolate City started with its founding members Archiba Zarin Morean and Desmond Campbell, who formed the parent organisation - North South Crew. Initially focusing on boat rides and cruises, they daringly ventured into bringing the Treasure Queen to journey south for the famous "Point Fortin Borough Day" celebrations in Trinidad. After such success, North South Crew further extended their horizons to include tours to various Carnivals of the Caribbean; event management which primarily specialised in the co-ordination of sports and family days; and then to breaking the barrier with a different concept from the traditional J'ouvert - Chocolate City: "No Body Paint, No Mud, Jus Liquid Chocolate".

This became an immediate success as revelers enjoyed parading drenched in chocolate, and has significantly grown over the years with participation in both local and international carnivals. Like its masqueraders, the North South Crew family has extended to include Gary Jackson, Houston Frederick, Maria Mohammed and Carla Quanvie, who all significantly contribute towards the strong backbone of the extraordinary Chocolate City.
Brazilian Jouvert
2014 THEME

Past Themes
2014 - Brazilian Jouvert
2013 - Total Recall
2011 - No Draws & Chocolate
2010 - Rum & Raisin
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Chocolate City Mas Camp
29 Stone Street
Trinidad & Tobago

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