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Exactly 6 weeks to go
Exactly 6 weeks to go
Written by : Trini Carnival Virgin
Posted : Mon 2 January 2012 : 11:35:56 PM

Forgive me diary for I have sinned and totally rejected you and my Get Trim regime. Right now the belly is round and is showing no signs of deflating and I've only got SIX WEEKS to get trim! This is a task if ever I was given one. Can it be done? Probably. Can it be done in SIX WEEKS? Maybe not so probable- but I'll give it a crack.

I always knew that December would be a tricky month to keep up with gym AND a healthy diet (well, for me at least) but I never thought I'd adopt such a crappy eating routine. I've literally been eating sweetbread and ham since the beginning of the month... As a SNACK!! I mean who does that? Oh gosh.

Ok, so my Trini Carnival schedule is slowly becoming full and my first concert is on the DAY I land *BB crying face* 'Machel Monday' is on 13th Feb and jet lagged or not, I WILL be going to this! I've only seen Machel perform live once, but I can honestly say that it was soca love at first performance!

I'm debating whether to be brave and wear heels for carnival! I've seen the videos from previous carnivals and ah seeing plenty women doing that, so why can't I give it a go eh? I'll definitely be investing in some sort of liquid transporting container for my duration out there for my "water". I don't want to dehydrate now do I?

So it's 6weeks of non-stop hard grafting from now until I depart on 13th February. I'll be receiving one more pay check at the end of the month that will pay for all my clothes, holiday bits and bobs and spending money please God. Until next time!

Over and out.

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