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Accommodation is now Booked
Accommodation is now Booked
Written by : Trini Carnival Virgin
Posted : Fri 2 December 2011 : 10:37:54 PM

Hello diary. Betcha thought you'd never see me again. Well TOUGH I'M BACK!!! I'm trying to stick to something for once so I'll be returning several times in the next couple of months. Yes, I may not be writing anything constructive or interesting or even comical, but there WILL be a entry here and there to let you know I'm thinking of you *BBM kiss*

The update from me - accommodation for Trinidad AND Tobago is now booked! HURRAH *BBM dancing face* flights to be paid for at the end of the month and then we're good to go. Everything Is being done disastrously late, but this is typical me eh?

Going to Bun and Cheese tonight somewhere far far faaaar from me (only in Vauxhall, but it's not in West so it's far). I need to acquaint myself with some new Soca tunes! This Antilles riddem is a scorcher apparently - can't wait.

Oh, before I forget- I did 735 sit ups today! *BBM dancing face* No no no, hold the applause thank you- it was the least I should've done considering the Chinese I had for lunch AND dinner.

Anyhow diary, my hair won't wash itself and I don't see you offering to help a sister out, so I'm off for the night! Till we meet again my darl.

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