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One Man with his Pan celebrates 40 years of music
In commemoration of an illustrious musical career, an original founding member of...
11 Nov 2014 | UK
New book on Creole music
Dedicated students of the history of Trinidad Carnival will probably have on...
16 Oct 2014 | UK
Steelpan and calypso conference
A stimulating two days of presentations and discussion are promised next weekend...
6 Oct 2014 | UK
Calypso: Musical Poetry in the Caribbean 1955-69
Lovers of classic calypso have been well served by some excellent compilations...
4 Oct 2014 | UK
The Night Watchman, by Alexander D Great
With the London calypso season now a distant memory...
3 Oct 2014 | UK
Sparrow and Rudder head for the Camden Centre
Back in town again this month is the Mighty Sparrow...
17 Sep 2014 | UK
Umbrella Carnival
What a difference a day makes! As Sunday turned into Monday the...
11 Sep 2014 | UK
More mud than mas
“Sunday is the new Monday”, we’re told, which certainly was true for...
10 Sep 2014 | UK
Notting Hill Carnival 2014 - Mas on the road results
NHC 2014 Mas on the road results...
9 Sep 2014 | UK
Cindy Mollineau talks mas and make-up
Cindy Mollineau is a London-based make-up artist, who also deals with skin...
8 Sep 2014 | UK
Tate’s take on carnival misses the point
We’ve seen Carnival showcased in the Royal Opera House and the Victoria...
8 Sep 2014 | UK
Notting Hill Carnival 2014 - Soca on the move results
Here are the results of the annual Notting Hill Carnival Soca on...
5 Sep 2014 | UK
Caribbean through a lens
A bunker-like concrete building at the end of a residential street in...
4 Sep 2014 | UK
Uproar as Kingston cancels carnival
Last month’s shock cancellation of Kingston Carnival has prompted a backlash from...
4 Sep 2014 | UK
Steelpan sunrise
There comes a time every Carnival Sunday when I seriously doubt my...
3 Sep 2014 | UK
Voices of victory for Sheldon
De Admiral wore a red one, Lord Cloak a regal creation...
30 Aug 2014 | UK
Notting Hill Carnival - is it time for a tourism strategy?
Notting Hill Carnival stands tall among the world’s street festivals...
28 Aug 2014 | UK
Soca’s Crossover test case
When Bunji Garlin’s Differentology album drops worldwide this month...
27 Aug 2014 | UK
T&T Carnival boss to speak at Yaa
Carnival Tuesday is usually a time when we rub our heads...
26 Aug 2014 | UK
Notting Hill Carnival Monday
For most visitors, Monday starts with a walk from the Tube station...
25 Aug 2014 | UK
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London Calypso Tent gets ready for the Notting Hill carnival season
Preparations are underway once more for what has long been hailed as...
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