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Kaiso showcased in true Talk Yuh Talk style
Talk Yuh Talk has burst back onto the cultural scene with ‘Kaiso...
29 Jul 2014 | UK
Sunday: the new Monday
Notting Hill Carnival Sunday used to be ‘Children’s Day...
24 Jul 2014 | UK
Notting Hill Carnival starts in October!
First official steps on the road to Notting Hill Carnival 2014...
21 Jul 2014 | UK
Soca Massive - Three decades on
Standing outside a high street cafe one rainy June evening, DJ and...
16 Jul 2014 | UK
Carnival book launch and photography exhibition
Saturday 9 August will see the launch of ‘Carnival: A Photographic and...
15 Jul 2014 | UK
Sparrow Flies Again
The legendary Mighty Sparrow recently received the Carlos Lezama Lifetime Achievement Award...
15 Jul 2014 | UK
Up Hill Down Hall: Carnival at the Tate Modern
Saturday 23 August sees the colour, creativity and genius of Carnival at...
14 Jul 2014 | UK
Funatik - Spreading Wings
Funatik will take to the streets of Notting Hill this year with...
13 Jul 2014 | UK
Tears - Nobility
Nobility, the embodiment of opulence; this year’s costume theme depicts the wealth...
12 Jul 2014 | UK
Mangrove Mas Band - Amazonia
One of Notting Hill Carnival’s most iconic mas bands brings you their...
11 Jul 2014 | UK
The ABC's London Calypso Tent 2014
The Association of British Calypsonians is hosting its 22nd London Calypso Tent...
10 Jul 2014 | UK
Bacchanalia - Presence of the Past
Bacchanalia’s theme for 2014 is Presence of the Past...
9 Jul 2014 | UK
Malta comes to Notting Hill Carnival
As a result of a rewarding creative partnership between the various carnivals...
9 Jul 2014 | UK
A Tribute to Arthur N.R. Robinson
Trinidad and Tobago recently mourned the passing of its former Prime Minister...
8 Jul 2014 | UK
Leicester Caribbean Carnival to charge revellers
For the first time in its 28 year history, the organisers of...
4 Jul 2014 | UK
Mr Hype
Get to know upcoming Soca DJ Mr Hype as he answers a...
23 Jun 2014 | UK
12 bridges of London sponsored walk
The Anse-La-Raye (St Lucia) Association UK is hosting a sponsored walk...
20 Jun 2014 | UK
Lagniappe - Jewel of the Nile
The 2014 presentation, ‘Jewel of the Nile’, re-awakens the opulence and glamour...
17 Jun 2014 | UK
Euphoria - Bahia - a terra da felicidade
Euphoria presents Bahia - a terra da felicidade (the land of happiness),...
16 Jun 2014 | UK
Where in London can you have a red Solo with a chicken roti?
The Tabernacle in Notting Hill, built in 1869, has had a lively...
15 Jun 2014 | UK
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Notting Hill Carnival starts in October!
First official steps on the road to Notting Hill Carnival 2014...
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