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Moon on a Rainbow Shawl
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Errol John’s play, written in the 1950s and set in post-war Trinidad...
14 Mar 2014 | UK
After ten years of promoting and producing the 'Alternative Concept' series as his version of...
26 Feb 2014 | T&T
Bunji ‘Soca Viking’ Garlin is constantly pushing those musical barriers...
12 Feb 2014 | T&T
The woman’s face was contorted with discomfort as she inched her way across the beach...
28 Jan 2014 | Réunion
“I’ll be on the streets of Trinidad” is the message that Ian Antonio Alvarez...
27 Jan 2014 | T&T
A great song is made up of many ingredients, catchy vocals, great melody and lyrics...
22 Jan 2014 | T&T
It was the ox cart that gave it away, looking agricultural and out of place...
21 Jan 2014 | UK
Dominica Carnival happens at the same time as Trinidad and Tobago, Carriacou and Rio de...
21 Jan 2014 | DOM
There was no way out: I was trapped in the middle of a vast human...
27 Nov 2013 | SC
The Carnaval International de Victoria, held for the first time in 2011 has proved a...
20 Nov 2013 | SC
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Bunji Garlin - The voyage continues for our Viking of soca
Bunji Garlin, the Viking of soca, continues to break barriers and take soca music into...
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