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Harare Carnival to showcase Zimbabwe’s culture
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Going to Zimbabwe is like going on a journey of discovery...
9 Sep 2014 | Zimbabwe
Last month’s shock cancellation of Kingston Carnival has prompted a backlash from supporters ...
4 Sep 2014 | UK
Carnival Tuesday is usually a time when we rub our heads...
26 Aug 2014 | UK
The stage is set for Dimanche Gras, the finals of the Grenada Calypso Monarch Competition...
8 Aug 2014 | Grenada
Reigning Downtown Band of the Year, Ronnie and Caro took to the streets of Port...
7 Aug 2014 | T&T
The finals of the LIME/SMC Soca Monarch and the Groovy Soca Monarch...
6 Aug 2014 | Grenada
Paparazzi Carnival Band, which placed second in this year’s Large Band category...
3 Aug 2014 | T&T
Fantasy Carnival took us down memory lane with their movie-inspired presentation for carnival 2015...
31 Jul 2014 | T&T
First official steps on the road to Notting Hill Carnival 2014...
21 Jul 2014 | UK
Saturday 9 August will see the launch of ‘Carnival: A Photographic and Testimonial History of...
15 Jul 2014 | UK
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London Calypso Tent gets ready for the Notting Hill carnival season
Preparations are underway once more for what has long been hailed as London’s ‘premier cultural...
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