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Cardiff goes carnival camp crazy!
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With just under a month to go before the 26th Cardiff Carnival...
20 Jul 2015 | UK
With two days of entertainment and togetherness, including spectacular costumes and stage performances...
14 Jul 2015 | UK
Notting Hill will soon have a new stylish ‘home from home'...
9 Jul 2015 | UK
The date of Notting Hill Carnival’s beginning is now broadly accepted as being 1966...
8 Jul 2015 | UK
Ole mas characters such as Dame Lorraine, Midnight Robber and Sailor...
8 Jul 2015 | T&T
Up to 150 performers from around the world will launch the 2015 Liverpool International Carnival...
7 Jul 2015 | UK
The Miss Carival regional beauty contest, held this year in St Vincent...
7 Jul 2015 | SVG
Now in its 31st year, Huddersfield Carnival has changed its format...
6 Jul 2015 | UK
The launch of the 2015 Scotiabank Toronto Caribbean Carnival will take place on Tuesday 7th...
5 Jul 2015 | Canada
In the early hours of this morning at the Kensington Oval, Barbados...
4 Jul 2015 | BDOS
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London Calypso Tent gets ready for the Notting Hill carnival season
Preparations are underway once more for what has long been hailed as London’s ‘premier cultural...
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