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The Saint Lucia Jazz & Arts Festival 2013
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Since its inception in 1991, the St Lucia Jazz Festival has left an indelible mark...
24 Apr 2013 | SLU
Trinidad will be hosting its third annual literary festival in the capital Port-of-Spain between 25th...
22 Apr 2013 | T&T
Riding on the big truck isn’t the only way see carnival...
22 Apr 2013 | UK
Participants in the Harare International Carnival (24–26 May) are being urged to attend a training...
17 Mar 2013 | Zimbabwe
“It is a public street party that has some elements of an agricultural show, but...
6 Mar 2013 | Zimbabwe
With the main Caribbean carnivals over and, hopefully, spring on the horizon in the UK...
4 Mar 2013 | UK
You’re never far from masquerade politics in Notting Hill Carnival and the backbiting and bickering...
3 Mar 2013 | UK
A new EP entitled Mischief by Trinidadian singer/songwriter Farmer Nappy (Darryl Henry) has just been...
1 Mar 2013 | T&T
Have you ever thought of yourself as a role model? Probably not, but Carivog International...
28 Feb 2013 | UK
London’s Evening Standard newspaper is set to launch its own television channel on Freeview...
27 Feb 2013 | UK
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London Calypso Tent gets ready for the Notting Hill carnival season
Preparations are underway once more for what has long been hailed as London’s ‘premier cultural...
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