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Lagniappe - Jewel of the Nile
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The 2014 presentation, ‘Jewel of the Nile’, re-awakens the opulence and glamour of the ancient...
17 Jun 2014 | UK
Euphoria presents Bahia - a terra da felicidade (the land of happiness), for Notting Hill...
16 Jun 2014 | UK
The Tabernacle in Notting Hill, built in 1869, has had a lively and colourful history...
15 Jun 2014 | UK
At the GENESIS of an re-emerging world, the souls arise to a new SHINING DAWN...
15 Jun 2014 | UK
Anyone who’s visited Pigeon Point Beach in Tobago and missed Planet Ceramics – well, there’s...
30 May 2014 | T&T
Can Carnival live up to our expectations and our memories? Has it ever lived up...
22 Apr 2014 | UK
If that’s sounds like a tall order, then book your ticket to Seychelles to find...
9 Apr 2014 | SC
The indigenous music of Réunion is maloya, which is related to the séga tipik of...
27 Jan 2014 | Réunion
Carnival in Trinidad &Tobago is the world’s greatest spectacle of colour, creativity, enjoyment and theatre...
21 Jan 2014 | T&T
When Sheldon Skeete returned from Toronto in time for the opening night of the Association...
16 Oct 2013 | UK
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London Calypso Tent gets ready for the Notting Hill carnival season
Preparations are underway once more for what has long been hailed as London’s ‘premier cultural...
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