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Ms Paige is ready for Vincy Mas
By Soca News
Photograph By Drew Haran
Wednesday 4 April 2012 : 6:41 GMT

Ms Paige's last two releases for Trinidad Carnival 2012, Callin Me and Nice & Slow are the kind of tunes you really want to be grooving to when feting the night away. We've seen her tweets about Vincy carnival so thought we'd find out what she's been up to.

Were you in Trinidad for carnival 2012?
No, this is the first Trinidad Carnival that I've missed in 5 years.

Will you be attending next year?
Most likely, yes.

What music offerings can we hear from you in the near future and in what order?
As I gear up for my first Vincy Mas, I'm currently dubbing April as New Music Month; I have three releases scheduled for the month including: Ms Paige & Bomani - Doh Let Go (TGIF Riddim produced by Fryktion), Ms Paige - Girl Power (Girl Power Riddim produced by MeggaWattz Productions), Ms Paige & Fryktion - Callin Me (Vincy Mas remix, produced by Fryktion), with more to follow in the following months.

And what about you; what are your future plans for life and for music?
That's quite the heavy question! I'm honestly just looking forward to releasing more new material - look out to many collaborations in the upcoming months.

Which carnival are you looking forward to next?
I cannot wait for Vincy Mas - this will be my very first. 96 days till my plane departs for SVG (not that I'm counting!)

So, you're based in Toronto; what is the soca scene like over there?
I personally believe that Toronto is the Mecca of soca when it comes to places outside of the Caribbean. I'm very blessed to live in a city where the culture is appreciated and growing in popularity within other cultural groups. People may ask, why Toronto? We have multiple soca fetes here every weekend, from Thursday to Sunday; there is an appreciation for soca from ALL parts of the world and we have several radio programs on both mainstream and college radio that support soca music.

Are there many opportunities for you to perform live in Toronto?
The opportunities are growing as Toronto is increasingly supporting its own local artists. We are often called the 'screwface' capital, as some of the harshest critics are in Toronto, but I believe that when you can get love in this city, you can perform just about anywhere.

Will we be seeing you in London soon (I'm sure someone promised you a ticket on Twitter)?
We shall see (fingers and toes crossed).

So where can fans hear your music (apart, of course, from on and get in touch?
They can always visit the home of Ms Paige at and social networks including Twitter, Youtube, facebook, Soundcloud; you name it, it's always at /MsPaigeMusic.

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