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By Remie Derrick
Monday 31 January 2011 : 11:50 GMT

Five years ago, a special connection between two music lovers was formed and so the popular internet radio station was formed. As told by Stanman, CEO of “Lennox, in Holland, started his own little station, streaming to friends, as he loves live small island soca music and he wanted to let the world know. I linked up with Lennox and noticed what he was trying to do, and since I also love small island soca music very much, it was an easy link up, because we both wanted the same goal: to put small island soca music on the map internationally.”

“Lennox and I have a big library of small island soca music, and we wanted to share our passion of the music; we both recognised that most websites only targeted one island, but our ethos is that we should target all islands, because without one there wouldn’t be another; every island needs its neighbouring islands to exist.”

With the web design skills of Stanman and the technical skills of Lennox, was created on 5th January. 2006. Five years on and the station has gone from strength to strength, with a high number of listeners tuning in week in, week out, to hear the variety of music that they have to offer. Every day there is a different mix of music, played by talented DJs who specialise in maintaining the high standard that promotes.

“Each DJ has their own style, which also makes different. Other stations or other DJs, are very, very similar; they play the same songs, in the same order, every day every week - the same top 40 songs, they even mix them in at the same cue points. But at we stand for something totally different. Each DJ has their own style, and like their own hits with their own mixing style. We make our own hits, we set the trends for the others to follow,” said Stanman, who is himself one of those DJs, presenting his weekly Island Express show. boasts supporters and high quantities of listeners from the Virgin Islands, St Kitts, Antigua, New York, Miami and London, among many others. Artists and bands tune in to hear their music being played on an international level. With a new London connection established, the music is being pushed to an even higher level.

“Many artists tell us that our station is a good inspiration for them when making music. We give them ideas, since they can hear music from all islands, which they cannot hear on their island.” is still going strong, and the radio family believe that passion for the music and unity is the secret behind the success. “We have to give thanks for our team of dedicated DJs and fans, who promote the site twenty four hours a day. We hardly keep track of awards, because to us winning an award really means nothing. Once the people are happy, we are happy,” said Stanman.

Fifth birthday celebrations went down in the chat room recently, with many listeners both past and present showering them with praise and congratulating the radio family on their accomplishments. “It was good to see after five years: some of the DJs whose careers we helped mould, but have moved on, still give us praise and respect. They know we have nothing but love for them. is here for the culture, not for personal ego, so once the culture is booming we are happy.”

Times have changed, and with them. They now accommodate mobile phone users, making fully accessible. And a team of London DJs has recently joined the family, increasing the listenership of the radio station and adding recognition of the UK soca scene.

“We want to thank the fans for their continuous support, for sharing the link and spreading the joy. It’s good to see our hard work being enjoyed five years later.” And there you have it; five years and still going strong. Why not take a listen for yourself, and become apart of the family.

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