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Cleopatra captures London Calypso Tent Groovy Soca Crown
Written by : Soca News
Location : United Kingdom
Posted : Sat 18 August 2012 : 11:49:54 AM

Cleopatra (Cleo Guiste) is a Trini blessed with a combination of good looks and a beautiful voice. A versatile singer and stage performer, Cleopatra has performed with bands including Tropical Brass, Sound Revolution and Ruption, and has been a regular performer with ABC since 2002. Asked about her musical influences, she cites Calypso Rose and Singing Francine.

Last night, Cleopatra captured the 2012 London Calypso Tent Groovy Crown with her song, Feelings. The results were:

1. Cleopatra (Feelings)
2. Nikisha (Regrettable Generousity)
3. Helena B (Soca In Mih Head)

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